Friday, February 02, 2007

If I Were a Hockey Player

If I Were a Hockey Player:
Team: Washington Capitals
Uniform Number: 10
Position: Left Wing
Nickname: Josho (my real hockey nickname) or Thunder
Linemates: Backstrom and Ovechkin
Rounding out the PP: Bondra and Visnovsky
Job: Deflections and garbage goals. Defensive forward and penalty killer.
Signature Move: The snap shot
Strengths: Puck stealing and passing
Weaknessess: Hitting
Injury Problems? Lower body injuries
Equipment: CCM helmet, Easton Synergy stick (green), Bauer skates
Nemesis: Mario Lemieux
Scandal Involvement: Cheating on my girlfriend (who I hope to be Sophia Bush)
Who I'd face in the Stanley Cup Finals: Vancouver Canucks
What I'd do with the Stanley Cup after our victory: Baptize my children in it, bring it to my high school and parade it through the halls. Have a big freakin' barbecue
Would the media love me or hate me? They'd love my intensity, but despise me for not being more agressive.


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